Who is Alexander Isak?

*This is a translation of Irene Galiana Pastor.

Alexander Isak, who is 17 years old, has been recognized as the best rookie of the Allsvenskan after breaking records such as being the youngest player that has scored a goal in his debut, including Cup and Liga in Swedish football. He debuted with only 16 years old and 199 days, and from then, he has only lost 5 matches out of the thirty that he has played this season. All of this being, also, one of the youngest players that has participated when it comes to scoring in his team: a 19% of the AIK’s goals in the Allsvenskan come directly from him, fact that makes him the sencond youngest player under 18 years old that has participated (in a calendar year) in every single one of the first divisions. Alexander is a Solna native, more specifically from Ulriksdal, neighbourhood that is half an hour from the Råsundastadion, which was, until 2012, the Solna’s stadium. All of that afected in order to make Isak start in the AIK club when he was only 6. With this, his first steps on federated football were in the same team that today is watching him explode, which really made it easy for him to be the player that he is nowadays.

He is a special player, even contradictory. He has been like this since the moment that we mentioned that he is a striker whose origins are africans, he has british ”serenity”, and he is really orthodox in his ways. Isak is a boy who adds, at present, the best of both of the football culture that had had an influence on him: a african’s player legs and an european’s player mind, which will allow him to be as explosive and thoughtful as he desires, though he appears to go nearer to the second option.

He also has an special ability to tie it to his foot in both edges, other feature added to an array of tosses that has been exponentially growing. For the time being, he has been trying his own luck with the long toss, and using the toss to base in a process of learning that allows him to send the ball in the cleanest way. A last toss that also demostrates how distinguishing he is in short gaps, those which need a quick and accurate response –maybe someday in a imaginative future- that has been showing with the ball in three quarters, and without the ball in uncheck to space: tac-tac. He has been improving, in addition, in the definition strip shot due to a golf tap as well as for his endless legs, that enable him to adapt his body to get a hollow in the area, where it is not explicitly agressive, in order to volleying better at every occasion. His phisical quality permits him to match successfully in the phisical duels by earth and air, where he is still able to take advantage of the jump, like he has already done with the chest reception. Although the corporal quality that he still has to squeeze is the speed, because of this actions we can see an important explosive strength, in spite of inside of his plays’ repertoire, he does not show it so much in relation with his domain. It remains to be polished, but the fact that he is able to move so well in so many situations without forcing himself is sign that he has an incredible health. He is a striker, and what makes him different is his physiognomy, complemented by a high proprioception, having in mind that he is 190cm (6,2 feet) tall, Isak is a player tremendously coordinated and accurate despite of his scale. It is impossible not to stop is his infinite legs, that allow him to show an infallible technical gesture whatever the situation may be. These phisical conditions have enable him to make a well in a serious relationship with the ball in which stands out his first touches, whatever it could be: a first control, a toss or a shot. Their relationship goes further with the resultant touches, in which, even though it falters a little bit more when riding the ball, he really gets to keep it from the rival, provided that he proposes in the match.


How it moves?

These listed qualities had been shown firstly on a 4-4-2 with less freedom and currently in a 3-5-2, in which has more space to recieve and vent. The detail that the 3-5-2 introduce in his game is important for the AIK thanks to his unerring phisical and technical capacity over the playmarker in order to manage advantages, putting balls down or even generate them with walls or sends between lines. This situation let Ishiazki toggle his generator profile and his “make it come” profile, so that the capital’s club enjoys in a positional attack and some more control inside the matches. Isak also provides richness to AIK in air game, based more in the anticipation than strengh, and a lot of game in the edges. At this point, I should like to make an aside, in his inmates between lateral and striker -just as a lot of fast players- and the enter to the first stick to spike, that have turned into really recognisable moves in the last player’s meters. In his best matches, (as the benchmark, his encounter with the DIF) is able to serve as a base of the offensive transitions so that the AIK can show an organised mess, because when he thrives, is so trustworthy, and he ends up to canalize so accuratly most of the offensive flow. This Isak’s profile is possible thanks to a Norling’s canon law: Isak must receive always before Obasi, the other deepest striker, who forms, without the ball, a relation of pivot (click here to see). All these rules that Norling has established according to AIK’s behaviour on Isak are big steps of Alexander in light of freedom. More freedom means more responsability, and Isak replays as a veteran to that.

With all these features and many more that will appear in the scholastic, is impossible for the swedish football not to smile thinking about its future. All of this, furthermore, based on his huge contribution, economizing the actions so much. We will see if he stands out being an acceleration or an operative attacker when he bursts, and we will see if he is explosive or cerebral. He definetly has conditions to be the striker he wants to be, and that is the reason why he is special.





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